Our work in Curaçao began when our Executive Director and Founder, Mary Beth Sutton,  met the owners of Sunset Waters Resort through the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) show who then provided the introduction to Ricki Harris,  recently widowed from one of the resort founders  Ricki founded an ngo in his honor called, Lee’s Reef Project.   We collaborated with Lee’s Reef Project to bring teachers to the resort to learn about teaching hands-on environmental programs .  The teachers who came to the training were invited to bring their students to do activities led by the teachers and our interns.   Working with Les Behrends and Ton Kros, we constructed a huge reciprocating wastewater garden for the resort thanks to a NFWF grant for Coral Reef Protection.  Within 6 months of the sewage being treated by the wetland, corals had started regrowing where the sewage had formerly been released.  The resort used the purified water to water plants for the resort, which flourished.